Olive Oil Laboratory of Mytilene, included in Operational Programme "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship", (OPCE II), provides physicochemical, chemical and organoleptic testing in the field of olive oil analysis.

The laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment and instrumentation which is used by highly qualified staff, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements, in order to meet the needs of agricultural sector, olive oil industry and customers.

Olive Oil Laboratory of Mytilene is the only accredited, due to EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 by ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System), in the field of olive oil laboratory in North Aegean.

Testing & Analysis

Olive Oil Laboratory of Mytilene provides a broad range of chemical analysis services including quality, adulteration and safety criteria in order to classify the olive oil according to European Regulation 2568/91. Our chemical testing Laboratory also has an accredited (due to EN ISO 17025: 2005) organoleptic (sensory) panel consisting of 17 well trained tasters.

Olive Oil Analyses, according to European Regulation 2568/91:

Quality Criteria

  • Determination of Acidity
  • Determination of Peroxide Value
  • Absorbance in Ultraviolet (K232, K270, Delta K)
  • Organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil

Purity Criteria

  • Determination of waxes content
  • Determination of the composition and content of sterols and triterpene dialcohols
  • Determination of methyl esters of fatty acids
  • Determination of the difference between actual and theoretical content of triacylglycerols with ECN42 (ΔECN42)

Safety Criteria

  • Determination of volatile halogenated solvents content

Other chemical analyses performed by the laboratory:

  • Determination of Water Content in olive oil by Karl Fischer method
  • Pesticide Residue Analysis in olive oil